Gerca Australian Cattle Dogs

The dog every farmer should have.

Gerca Australian Cattle Dogs (KUSA member.)
The dog every farmer should have.
Gerca Australian Cattle Dogs (KUSA member.)
The dog every farmer should have.
Gerca Australian Cattle Dogs (KUSA member.)
The dog every farmer should have.
Gerca Australian Cattle Dogs (KUSA member.)
The dog every farmer should have.
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About Me

I grew up on a farm as an only child-needless to say dogs and cats were my best friends.

After I completed school and university, I returned to my dad’s farm. It was around this time that I was lucky enough to have met my husband who is also a farmer, we currently farm cattle, and sheep.

Dogs were always my closest companions and I would happily spend hours with them. As a farmer myself it’s important for me to have a dog who can diligently complete tasks and have a loyal personality, for that reason I decided on a Cattle Dog. I never thought that this breed would completely take over my heart.

Over the years I have qualified as a breed judge in Gundog’s, Herding, Hounds, Terriers, Toys and Working. [Utility still in process ]

I have had opportunities to judge in America; Australia and New Zealand.

We as a family love the Cattle Dogs they are an irreplaceable part of our lives.
Our dogs are for show, work and fun, and we wouldn’t change them for the world. 

Carine Buitendach

Our Puppies

Here at Gerca  we only breed 1 or 2 litters per year, 
ensuring our puppies and bitches are healthy at all times.
Our puppies health is very important to us. They grow up in a clean, safe and healthy environment where they get an excellent start in life with us on the farm. They are interacted with on a daily basis, with age appropriate games, and lots of gentle and loving handling. I do all of this personally, often my grandkids lend a hand.
All of our puppies are BAERCOM tested [hearing] and a certificate accompanies each puppy when they leave. Puppies are dewormed, first inoculation done, microchipped and registered with KUSA.
All my adult dogs are clear from PRA & PLL as well as been 
hip X-Rayed, ensuring that I am only breeding with the best.

Our Dogs


CH. GR CH Bolwara Blu Bungi
of Gerca ZAW’18, JM,
ZAW’19 HDB1-B2 [Dog]


Gerca Blu Kangi [Bitch]


CH Gerca Panda Des Bobos [Bitch]


CH Kombinalong Super
Caboodle of Gerca[IMP AUS] [Bitch]


Gerca Blu Sky


Devil in Disguise of Gerca [Bitch]


Waycrest For Your Eyes Only of Gerca [IMP AUS] [Dog]


CH. Linfell Blu Jillaroo of Gerca [Bitch]


CH. Yarra of Gerca [Bitch]


CH. Jacro Sarolea of Gerca [Bitch]


Gerca Jiemba




Breed Info


The Australian Cattle Dog dates back to the early 1800s when large amounts of land became available in Australia for raising cattle. The traditional herding breeds could not handle the cattle that were being raised in Australia and the need for a hardy, energetic and smart herding dog arose. The resulting canine, while small in stature, is fearless when herding livestock and is well-suited for Australia’s rough terrain. This medium sized dog is high energy and loyal. They make a good family companion as long as their exercise requirements are met and they have a job to occupy their time.
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Breed Appearance

The Australian Cattle Dog is a compact, muscular dog that is both strong and agile. They have alert ears that stand up straight and a keen expression that shows they are eager to work. These dogs must be well-conditioned and should never look delicate or cumbersome. They need to be able to perform the job of drover and have the ability to quickly move out of the way of the cattle. When in conformation competition, this unique looking canine shows in only two accepted coat colors: red or blue. [click here for more info]


This enthusiastic dog is high energy with an active mind and an independent nature. For many years, this breed has been ranked as one of the most intelligent. Owners of an Australian Cattle Dog will need to provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They are most happy when they have a job to do for you and perform excellently in agility, herding, tricks and obedience.  They are great for people that are active and are affectionate and loyal to their family. They are naturally cautious of new people and situations, making them a talented guard dog when properly trained. They are a herding dog and will naturally try to herd children, cars and  other animals.  [click here for more info]

Contact Us

Carine Buitendach
082 550 4713